Timothy Hodor ...
lives out his Sisyphean task of trying to reach the meaning-of-life peak, straddles the line between teaching and learning, enjoys toggling between lead guitar and classical piano or a sip of coffee and a daydream, walks a slackened tightrope between humor and melancholy, makes his mind and body sprint, plays both sides in an enamoration and lovesickness tug-of-war and travels the world in search of mortal and immortal impressions.
Living and Writing in Vienna
by Julia Daniels, Austria Today, 27 February 2001

Timothy Hodor has lived in Vienna for 20 years..., but first and foremost Timothy is a poet and it is that passion that is his driving force. He started writing at the age of 16 and already has 300 publications of his works. One of his most remarkable poems - A Departure from Solidity - was included in the well-known anthology of railway poetry Marigolds Grow Wild on Platforms. The book was first published in 1996 and is one of the few modern poetry books to go beyond the confines of poetry circles.
Jack Lemmon once said actors can call themselves actors when they're able to stand on stage, take their clothes off, and turn slowly and patiently in front of the audience. Poets have to do this undressing and rotating with their souls.